Since August 2014 we have produced high quality pelagic in the most advanced pelagic plant in the North Atlantic

The final decision was made during Christmas 2013 by three major participants in the pelagic industry in the Faroe Islands. The building process started in February 2014 and on 14 th August 2014 the first vessel, Fagraberg, unloaded the first mackerel at our plant in Fuglafjørður.

Fuglafjørður has a long history in the pelagic industry, with one of the major fish meal and salmon feed producers in the North Atlantic as well as all the oil bunkers facilities and cold storage facilities needed for the pelagic industry.

Our plant – Pelagos – is focusing on maintaining the world-renowned quality of the pelagic fish found in the cold clean waters of the North Atlantic. This is achieved by carefully lifting the fish from the sea and landing it in the same excellent conditions.

The quality is then maintained through the modern processing and rigorous control systems, which secure a gentle handling of the fish and thus optimal quality.

  • The fish is cooled down with fluid ice between all processing steps
  • Grading is made by the newest and most advanced grading system
  • A vision controlled weighing system is securing a precise weighing and rejection of unwanted species or broken and damaged fish
  • The product emerges in fully sealed, non transparent polybags
  • The product is transported in purpose-built plastic trays into the freezers
  • The product is -1 °C before the freezing process
  • The product is fully frozen in 3-4 hours
  • The product goes into carton boxes after the freezing process
  • The pallets are fully wrapped, with plastic covers on top