About us

At Pelagos we focus on producing high-quality pelagic products. Using only state-of-the-art production facilities, we aim to maintain the world-renowned quality of the pelagic fish from the clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

This is achieved by carefully carrying the fish from the sea and landing it in the same excellent condition. The quality is then maintained through our modern processing and rigorous control systems, securing a gentle handling of the fish.


Pelagos is owned by Sp/f Framherji, P/F Palli hjá Mariannu, P/F Havsbrún and P/F Enni.

Sp/f Framherji is one of the major operators in the Faroese fishing industry, operating fishing vessels, and fishing pelagic fish, white fish and shrimp.

P/F Palli hjá Mariannu is one of the major operators in the Faroese pelagic industry.

P/F Havsbrún is one of the largest fishmeal and salmon feed producers in the North Atlantic, also located in the Faroe Islands. Havsbrún is a subsidiary of the Bakkafrost Group.

P/F Enni is a local investment company.

The four owners and founders of P/F Pelagos are all closely connected to the Faroese fisheries sector and pelagic industry.