Located in the middle of the North Atlantic, Pelagos is perfectly placed to receive and process fish from the fishing grounds.

Pelagos aspires to produce high quality products for markets all over the world.

With excellent transport possibilities, we can efficiently deliver all over the world.

Production facility, Fuglafjørður
Production facility, Fuglafjørður

Built in 2014, the factory is a modern state-of-the-art production facility with a freezing capacity of 750-900t/day. With modern equipment and excellent quality control systems, the quality of the fish is maintained throughout the production. The main production season is from August to February. Pelagos also has unique cold storage facilities at Bergfrost in Fuglafjørður, where the goods are stored in tunnels inside the mountain.

Certificates: HACCP MSC

Pelagos offers a wide range of products from Mackerel, Herring, Capelin, Blue Whiting and Silver Smelt. We mainly produce whole round block frozen products, head-off and gutted mackerel and herring flaps and fillets.

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Production capacity
Approval no. FO174
Production capacity 750-900t/day
Storage capacity 20.000t
Fillet capacity 20t/hour
Employees 60-80